Whoever left this posting on Craigslist makes "Cheryl" from Fargo, N.D. look like fucking Mother Theresa. Nevermind that this resident of Norfolk, Va.'s Larchmont-Edgewater neighborhood left a post titled "Reminder: Overage Trick Or Treaters Stay Out!" warning that no candy will be given to anyone over the age of 12, the message got exceptionally vile when it turned racial:

And you niglets, stay the hell out! We’re a white neighborhood and we don’t want you baboons here!! You little turds better think twice going into my neighborhood or you will be legally punished.

Fat-shaming kids is terrible, but telling black children not to trick-or-treat in your neighborhoodlest they be "legally punished" for ruining its sanctityis disgusting. But, then again, that's racism.

[via Gawker]