From the original masters of survival horror come the most realistically horrifying experience you can imagine...My Little Baby 3D! Treva Entertainment dropped this new title just in time for Halloween on Nintendo's 3DS. It's like Nintendogs but with humans, freaky.

Players pick the parents; the look and sex of the child and when it pops out begin their new life as virtual caretakers. Your baby will need to be bathed, fed, its diaper changed and even tilt the 3DS on its side to make sure the baby gets all the milk during feeding.

The horror! We’re getting flashback to high school home economics class. This doesn't seem fun at all, it seems like birth control; ether players recoil in horror to be judged as "baby hating" or really like the game and are revealed for the weirdoes they are! Even if you "win" My Little Baby 3D your virtual kid will just grow up resenting you anyway, so why bother?

Your new Halloween costume awaits as the person who really likes My Little Baby 3D for Nintendo 3DS, grab it in the Nintendo eShop for $29.99. Hey! Nobody said raising a kid is cheap.

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[Via GoNintendo]