An Illinois man killed his wife, then himself after auditioning to appear on Family Feud. The Huffington Post reports that 36-year-old Marcus Crosby fatally shot Kearra Hosey at their home in Joliet Township, Ill. on Monday after trying out for a spot on the show. 

The Huffington Post got their hands on a release from the Will County Sheriff's Office said that authorities responded to a report of a domestic disturbance that was accompanied by shots fired. A witness told deputies that the noise came from two people located inside of the home's bedroom, which is where police found Crosby and Hosey's bodies.

The witness, who also lived in the home, told deputies that Crosby and Hosey were arguing when he pulled out his gun, killing his wife before committing suicide. Crosby had been working as a security guard at Joliet High School; he and Hosey were married in May.

[via The Huffington Post]