Good news: Josh Hutcherson is officially set to make his Saturday Night Live hosting debut next month. It'll be just like The Hunger Games! Except, you know, instead of death, his only consequence of messing up will be massive amounts of ridicule and perpetual feelings of shame. Close enough.

According to Deadline, Hutcherson will appear on the show late next month, to promote his new film, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Hopefully, this means some sort of genius Hunger Games spoof like the one that the show did when Jennifer Lawrence hosted back in January. The musical guest will be HAIM, which is awesome. That episode will air on November 23rd, one day after Catching Fire is released on the 22nd.

Also announced was Lady Gaga's first hosting stint, which will air one week before Hutcherson's on November 16th. She'll be both host and musical guest, to promote her new album, ARTPOP. Does this mean Liqourville is back? Or, at least, a sequel to "3-Way (The Golden Rule)"? Don't waste an opportunity here, people.

[via Deadline]