Last week, the unholy ghost got into an Oklahoma City man, leading to his bizzare arrest.

Authorities were summoned to the home of Jeremy Jarnell Anderson, 22, after reports about a man covered in blood who was destroying his apartment. Police arrived to find Anderson also coated in soap and salt, rambling about a "possessed homosexual demon" who had instructed him to set a Bible on fire. 

Anderson, who was clearly under the influence of something more powerful than the Lord, had reportedly kicked the door of his apartment off its hinges and destroyed all of his furniture. The demons even protected him from the Taser, as he ripped the barbs out of his chest, feeling no pain whatsoever. 

Police had to use a sledgehammer to enter his apartment, where they discovered the bible had caused a small fire. However, the smoke actually aided them in apprehending Anderson. While in custody, he told authorities he was a Satanist and that a homosexual demon who wanted to do drugs and violate him was responsible for the carnage. 

Still, he was adamant that he is not gay, he was "just high." We'd say he needs Jesus, but therapy and rehab (of Biblical proportions) will probably suit him better.

[via Gawker]