From: Jackass Number Two

“Terror Taxi” is one of Jackass’ most convoluted stunts, and is the first one both Johnny Knoxville and Jeff Tremaine point to as one of their most memorable. Here's the setup: The guys tell Ehren McGhehey that they're going to dress him up like a terrorist and prank a taxi driver on the way to the airport. Ehren embraces the gag, including the time-consuming application of a full beard.

But the taxi driver is actually writer-director Jay Chandrasekhar, who turns the tables on Ehren when he pulls out a gun, puts him in the trunk, and makes him believe that he has shot Bam. Just when you think Ehren's about to lose it completely, the guys pop out and tell him that the joke was on him all along... including his face. That beard he's wearing? It's made of the guys' freshly shaven pubic hair.

Ehren throws up. And... scene!