With the iPad Air coming to a store near you tomorrow, the tech world's eyes will be shifted over to the yet announced release date of the iPad Mini Retina. 

Though Apple hasn't announced when this impressive piece of machinery will be hitting stores, our folks over at Target might have slipped up just a bit. Ina posting on their website, the retailer has listed Nov. 21 as the release date for the device. Though this might be a case of Target trying to take a guess at when it will finally be available, the date doesn't seem to far out of a possibility. Apple usually releases their devices on a Friday, but it would be smart of them to get the device in stores almost a week ahead of Black Friday. It's no secret that Apple has had some delays in the manufacturing of the iPad Mini Retina, and it's expected that supplies will be extremely tight when it's released. 

Check out the posting from Target below.