Apple seems to be learned from its mistakes.For now, at least.

The iPad Air is expected to launch tomorrow with plentiful supplies, a far cry from the iPhone 5S fiasco that happened back in September. iPad Airs are reportedly already behind the glass in some Walmart locations, designated with a special $479 price point. Apple Stores have reportedly received anyway between 500-1,000 units for launch, with more to come as they begin to sell. So, if you're looking to pick one up, at least this year, there doesn't seem to be any reason to rush (or head to eBay to cop yourself one for considerably more money.) For those of you still with the iPad 2, remember that Apple is still selling these models, so if yours is in good condition, you can still likely sell it on eBay or trade it in to Apple for a good amount and upgrade to an iPad Air. Apple will be letting people order their iPad Air online and pick it up from the store after 12 pm tomorrow. So make sure you leave enough time during your lunch break--and be careful of any post-Halloween hangovers.

[via 9 to 5 Mac]