The federal government shutdown left government employees in D.C. with little to do except consume large quantities of free food and liquor yesterday. The Washington City Paper  poked around and learned that furloughed workers have been drowning their sorrows in liquor and burying themselves beneath food. 

For example, Madam's Organ (2461 18th St. NW) gave away 87 free beers during happy hour yesterday. H Street's Vendetta (1212 H St. NE) reportedly poured 45 free glasses of prosecco, while the Capitol Lounge (229 Pennsylvania Ave. SE) handed out 140 draft beers (the equivalent of over a keg). Alexandria, Va.'s Pork Barrel BBQ (2312 Mt Vernon Ave.) gave away 400 free pulled pork sandwiches before running out at 8 p.m. They want to top that number today.

This is awesome for the bars and government employees, but what are folks going to do when the fact that they aren't getting paid really sets in? Until then, enjoy this flowchart of where to go for discounted food and liquor in D.C.

[via Washington City Paper]

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