Law enforcement officials say that five people—including four children—were killed in a mass stabbing that happened in Brooklyn last night. The crime took place at an apartment in Brooklyn's Sunset Park pection; the victims were a woman and four children. The youngest was 18-months-old. 

According to the New York Daily News, the youngest child and  two girls, ages six and nine, were already dead by the time emergency responders arrived. An eight-year-old boy and 37-year-old woman were rushed to hospitals in the area, where they later passed away.

Authorities say the suspect was inside of the apartment when police arrived. The Daily News reports that a law enforcement source believes this was a case of domestic violence. 

Neighbors say the children's father was devastated upon returning home. "The father was freaking out," May Chan told the Daily News. "He just came home from work and saw the police and they told him. He was hysterical,"

The suspect was taken into custody early this mornig and has yet to be charged. 

[via New York Daily News]