Number of episodes: 1
Ratings for debut: 3.3 (13.2 million viewers)
Stars: Will Arnett, Beau Bridges, Margo Martindale, J.B. Smoove, Jayma Mays, Nelson Franklin, Eve Moon
Premise: Nathan Miller (Will Arnett) is a local news reporter and a recent divorcee excited to explore bachelorhood with his cameraman and best friend Ray (J.B. Smoove). But when he breaks the news to his parents, Tom Miller (Beau Bridges) and Carol Miller (Margo Martindale), Nathan's kooky father finds it a perfect opportunity to end his 43-year marriage. Tom decides to move in with his unamused daughter, Debbie (Jayma Mays), her husband, Adam (Nelson Franklin), and daughter Mikayla (Eve Moon). Carol, to Nathan's misery, decides to move in with her bachelor son.

Prognosis: The Millers, right now, smells strongly of industrial strength plastic, a freshly packaged copyrighted product of the CBS corporation. The pilot plays as a fill-in-the-blanks within a plot that is familiarly sitcom-level zany. Nathan and Ray's chemistry as good friends and reporter/cameraman team is energetic and believable but that's because Will Arnett and JB Smoove are very funny guys, barely lifting this show into watchability...barely.

The writers aren't even trying with the Tom and Carol characters. Tom is a middle-aged moronic husband is a walking gag, and, as you can guess, all the scribes have to do is make him into a total idiot or an infant. They chose 55-year-old infant.

Things Tom does: tries to cook metal soup can in a microwave, doesn't know how to work a remote (they stretch the remote joke for longer than you'd ever think possible) can't locate his glasses because he's unaware that it sits on his head, and so on. He's going to do a lot of inexplicably stupid things to set off the laughtrack more often, and annoy the crap out of you. Carol, Nathan's mother, farts in the episode. Moving on. Nathan's sister has her own family (mostly serving as an elaborate vehicle for more unfunny about Daddy goes the darndest things reel) and already we don't care.

We're not quite sure what she and her husband, Adam, do. The quick-witted daughter comes standard. Salvaging this mess, however, are clips of Nathan's local news reporting. They're actually funny but they last for ten seconds at a time. For the other 20 minutes we're stuck with the family sitcom starter kit of a show, complete with a mother walking through her son's grown-up party in pajamas carrying a bucket of ice cream and spatula scene. Next episode, we predict Tom will wear shoes on the wrong feet. Fingers crossed. —Frantz Rocher