Bungie, the makers of the Halo series, new massive multiplayer Destiny looks incredible but besides looking great we haven’t had many details about how exactly the game world would work.

Now Bungie is on an “Explainer in’ Chief” level mission to give examples of every detail of the world; well, almost every detail. Check out the video from PlayStation Access for details on weapons, clans and how you’ll be able to play with friends who are new to the Destiny way.

More details were revealed to IGN where senior writer Eric Osborne shed some light on how the game’s travel functions would work.

“We’re not making a space sim where you're flying through the stars," he explained. "We’re making a first person shooter. So the primary way you’ll get around the world is on foot as a first person shooter, then space travel is a cool way for you to customize your ship and get around.”

“You can see the ship when you arrive in public spaces and they sort of herald your arrival. You can upgrade them, but they’re also the way that you’re moving around in the story and they’re primarily that story vehicle to get you from Earth to the Moon, then Venus or Mars."

Destiny is set to drop sometime in 2014 with the beta going live early next year.

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