No matter your political stripe, Americans all over are country are collectively kicking ourselves for electing representatives of one party or another. Why not take out some of your frustration on a nice little virtual country?

Yes, glorious leader, Democracy 3 is out this week on Steam. Our elected officials seem to be having a pretty tough time resolving their differences on if we should even have a government that's open, so why not take a crack at it yourself. Educated yourself in the fine art of being a hated, lobby-puppet by becoming America’s next armchair President.

Democracy 3 puts players in the tough position of President or Prime Minister (whatever that is) with the only goal being: Keep the people happy, the economy flowing and society from crumbling under the enormous weight or cultural, racial and economic weight. Sounds simple enough right?

Much like our actual representative governance, a form of democracy, Democracy 3 can't actually be "won." The developers say that all political careers ultimately end in failure. I guess someone’s never been to the George W. Bush library have they?

Democracy 3 is out now for PC, Mac and Linux through Steam or Direct. Pick up an educational license to send to Congress for only $99.

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