Actor: John Franklin
Creepiest moment: Breaking Malachi’s neck while possessed by He Who Walks Behind The Rows

Over the years, Stephen King has ruined dogs, hotels, clowns, and proms for us, but it’s his portrayal of kids in Children of the Corn that is perhaps his most unsettling. The movie adaptation, much like the short story, deals with a demonic entity known as He Who Walks Behind The Rows that convinces the children of the small Nebraska village of Gatlin to ritually sacrifice any adults who come to the town to ensure the success of the corn harvest. The entity channels itself through the town’s leader, a young boy named Isaac Chroner.

With the soul of a slick Southern preacher, Isaac manipulates the children of the town to murder any adult unlucky enough to find themselves in Gatlin. Think of him as a pre-pubescent Billy Graham, but with a much goofier looking hat. Still, like most false prophets, Isaac has an entire community eating out of the palms of his hand, worshiping him and killing for him. Sometimes nothing is as frightening as religious ideology.