The new Assassin’s Creed revolves around Edward Kenway, who at the beginning of his adventure seems to be enjoying the life of a privateer, plundering riches, sailing the high seas and generally indulging himself until some of his shipmates get killed, sending him down a “different path.”

The Assassin’s Creed series is becoming increasingly known for its Hollywood-esque beats, and judging from this new trailer, it almost looks like the forthcoming Black Flag would be better suited for the silver screen and a bucket of popcorn than the couch and a controller.

Though once Edward’s revenge kicks in (I’m guessing here, but I doubt I’m wrong) the latest AC title starts to resemble familiar design territory, the story here raises the question of just how much Templar conspiracy the new game will have compared just being Master and Commander with more keg barrel explosions and hidden knife deaths.

Just to be clear, we’re fine if that’s the case – since AC is an annual franchise now, a tale that’s more about history than lore might be a fun change. We’ll keep our fingers crossed.

Via Youtube