Occupation: Musician
Biggest accomplishment this year: Starting her own label, Saint Records

Did you know that there's more than one singing Knowles child? If you answered no, shame on you. Solange has established herself as a legitimate talent in her own right with smash singles like "Losing You." Her third studio album, coming later this year, will get her voice into more speakers and ear buds. She's got a funny side too, appearing in Lonely Island's "Semi-Colon" video that came out barely a week ago.

Her style is entirely unique for her big sister's, but the 26-year-old has followed in Beyonce's steps in the way in which she has branched out beyond music. Her most, how to say, unique pet project is Baby Jamz, a line of toys intended for preschoolers that has a decidedly hip hop-styled flair to it. Obviously, they aren't meant to teach spelling.