Date: July 2012
School: Gainesville State College
Party girl: Celia Alchemy Savage  

Partying can mean different things to different people, and blowing up toilets in the woods with homemade pipe bombs is Celia Alchemy Savage's version of a three-story beer bong. The Gainesville State College student was arrested when federal agents stormed her home and discovered a stockpile of illegal firearms, weapons, and drugs. As you can see by the Facebook picture above, she wasn't shy about her affinity for firepower. With a name like Celia Alchemy Savage, it shouldn't have taken a 9-1-1 call from concerned neighbors to know that she was up to something weird. That just sounds like someone who lives on a diet of Monster Energy drinks, beef jerky and hollow point bullets. Savage ultimately pleaded guilty to manufacturing pipe bombs.