While on what looks like a date at a yogurt shop (kidding, guys), Batman and Robin turn to Google to find out information about Bow Wow, who they clearly know nothing about beyond his stage name. In their defense, Bow Wow hasn’t had a hit song in years and those two aren’t exactly the 106 & Park demo.

After learning the basics about the rapper, they turn to their MTV colleague to find out whether or not the person who delivered Keyonnah the money—“Larry Brown”—is indeed Bow Wow’s assistant. She tells them no, but you know what, guys? When you Google “Bow Wow assistant,” it immediately feels out the guy’s name for you. It’s Ant, not Larry Brown. In fact, a tweet from Bow Wow himself will come up at the top of the search. Try that in the future and save the company some minutes on the cell phone plan.