In the follow-up interview, Keyonnah meets with Dee Pimpen and her cousin, Fred, who turns out to be the man Keyonnah spoke to on the phone throughout the online courtship. The conversation turns to Dee Pimpen’s source of income. Despite claims that she “makes money from music,” Dee Pimpen explains that people—girls, family, and other girls—“support her” and give her money, which she gives to other people like Keyonnah. Something in the milk ain’t clean, but this is Catfish, not Luther or New York Undercover, so I’ll stop here.

Despite being outed as a fake, Dee Pimpen never wavers when trying to woo Keyonnah her way. Based on Dee Pimpen’s tweets, that’s not surprising. Sample tweet: “I hit so many different hoees shid if mi ni55a dnt hit on hit an it be mi bih lol." My eyes hurt so badly now.