Max and Nev laugh at Keyonnah’s letter about her online courtship with Bow Wow within seconds of reading it—all but confirming that we are in for quite the mess of a show. Keyonnah wrote a message to Bow Wow on Facebook and he responded with a subject that included his government name. Yeah, all of Bow Wow’s stans have known his real name before he even hit puberty, so that would be unnecessary. In any event, he sends her $10,000, which piques the interest of Nev. Nev knows good and well this isn’t Bow Wow, but he forces himself into believing in the possibilities in order to make 40 minutes of worthwhile television. Now, Keyonnah works at McDonald’s and says she “models” part-time. Bow Wow is supposed to help her reach her dream, which completes the trifecta of hood clichés. 

Again, bless her heart, but you met a celebrity via Facebook? In 2013? I thought everyone knew at this point that if you’re going to bed a celeb by way of social media, you do so through Instagram and/or Twitter DM. Duh. By the way, the Facebook page she “met” him on has since been deleted. Want to know why, Keyonnah? Facebook realized an imposter ran it.

Also, does no one read TMZ? There have been plenty of reports of money woes for Bow Wow. The court system would chokeslam Shad Moss if it was discovered that he was just giving away that kind of money to strangers who didn’t carry his seed.