Even after being called out for not being Jermaine Dupri’s former cash cow, the liar is adamant about keeping character. At one point, Fake Wow texts back, “You’re right, I’m not Bow Wow. I’m Shad Moss.” Like, run into a wall already, why don’t you? And yet, halfway through the episode, Nev maintains that this liar could very well be Bow Wow.

Of course, it’s not. Bow Wow turns out to be a person named Dee, or Dee Pimpen, as she likes to be called. She is what the kids (snap in a circle, three times) would call a stud, although the label that matters most right now is liar. Like many of the other ones before her, Dee Pimpen immediately goes into a rant about how, despite lying to Keyonnah the entire time, she’d like to move forward and have an honest relationship.

Keyonnah says she’s straight while Max asks Dee Pimpen why would she create a fake Bow Wow fan page to meet straight girls. Dee Pimpen responds: “I like a challenge.” Yes, she’s one of those. Insert the loudest sigh here. Keyonnah walks away, but Max sticks around to ask Dee Pimpen about how she “passes” as a gay. As in, when women start to feel you up, don’t they notice something missing? Enter Dee Pimpen’s revelation that she is constantly wearing a lambskin dildo. Let her tell it, it’s the perfect tool to fool a woman into thinking she’s touching a real penis. Consider me officially traumatized.