Number of episodes: 2
Worst moment from the latest episode: "And that is why I think Rihanna's dancing, singing, and lopsided hair makes her the swaggiest of the swaggy. Hashtag, I just wish she wouldn't tweet so much about smoking weed." This inexplicable nonsense came from Mikayla in the middle of an episode about cemetery plots. She says these words, after which the family applauds, and before she disappears up the stairs (and off the set), her mother tells her, "Why don't you go show everyone what you're going to wear?" Is this for a talent show? Is she going to dress like Rihanna? Ah, they began shooting the episode and someone realized, "We forgot to give what's-her-name a line, again!" And this is the result. She is forced to read a lazy, out-of-touch tweet directly from someone's iPhone. New game: What will they make the little-girl-the-writers-always-forget-to-write-for say next? So far, everything's going pretty swaggy.

Prognosis: Will Arnett can breathe a sigh of relief—for now, at least. Unlike his doomed NBC sitcom Up All Night, The Millers is giving its network reasons to celebrate. Nearly 12 million people tuned into last week's episode, an impressive number in and of itself, but when you factor in how it retained 94% of the prior week's count in the process, The Millers is sitting pretty. For the time being, Arnett can take Mitch Hurwitz's phone number off of speed dial.