Last Sunday night, 16 million people watched the season 4 premiere of AMC's The Walking Dead. Meaning cable TV records were shattered by an hour of television in which zombies fell through a convenience store's ceiling, smashed into gooey bits upon hitting the ground, and, in one particular walker's case, dangled in mid-air by its intestines. "Must-see TV" has certainly come a long way from Rachel Green's in-vogue hairstyle.

Because of AMC's ratings behemoth, the living dead are the coolest kids on the horror block these days, superseding the usual suspects like vampires and werewolves, both of which are currently slumming it on HBO's forever problematic True Blood. Unsurprisingly, zombies have slowly—since, you know, they're dead and unable to rapidly haul ass—been infiltrating the movie world, with this year's charming comedy Warm Bodies prefacing next year's Aubrey Plaza-led Life After Beth and, gasp, latest remake of George A. Romero's badass 1985 flick Day of the Dead.

As The Walking Dead shows no signs of dying off anytime soon (there's even a spinoff series in the works), the living dead are here to stay. But if you're familiarity with those flesh-eating corpses doesn't stretch far beyond the ones Daryl Dixon and company inventively kill off on a weekly basis, it's time to educate yourself on all things reanimated cadaver. Look no further than The Best Zombies Movies of All Time.

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