Movie: Trainspotting (1996)
Who does the sonning? Renton (Ewan McGregor)
Who gets sonned? The entire country of Scotland
Context: When Tommy (Kevin McKidd) and his pals galavant off to the countryside to appreciate the great Scottish outdoors, a fed up Renton calls bullshite. He has a point. Scots have been at the helm of scientific discovery and innovationradars, insulin, steam engine, television, just to name a fewas well as vanguards in the early Enlightenment period (Adam Smith ring any bells?). But at the end of the day, Scotland is recognized as that backdrop for Braveheart.

Well, Renton, we can't say we understand your rapport with the Brits (and not because of the accent) but we raise a glass to you for telling it how it is no-holds-barred. And hey, at least you're not English. —Arianna Friedman