Movie: There Will Be Blood (2007)
Who does the sonning? Daniel Plainview (Daniel Day-Lewis)
Who gets sonned? Eli Sundah (Paul Dano)
Context: It's a line so absurd that it could only come from one place: Congress. During the 1924 Teapot Dome oil-drilling scandal, New Mexico senator Albert Fall used milkshakes as an analogy to defend shady business. There Will Be Blood writer/director Paul Thomas Anderson was so taken by the line that he worked the line and voracious slurp into Daniel Plainview's memorable declamation at the movie's climax. Eli Sunday, a broken man of the cloth, grovels at Plainview's feet, begging for money. And that's when Plainview gets the last word.

(Plainview also beats Sunday to death with a bowling pin, but the real sonning is the milkshake bit.) —Arianna Friedman