Movie: In Bruges (2008)
Who does the sonning? Ken (Brendan Gleeson)
Who gets sonned? Harry Waters (Ralph Fiennes)
Context: You're guaranteed to expect to hear some unforgivable stuff when someone starts a sentence with "No disrespect." But Ken, a contract killer, took the cake, the paper plates, the decorations, and all when he sits down for a drink with his boss Harry, who's in town to kill Ray (Colin Farrell) himself, since Ken refuses to take out his friend.

Understanding he can't convince Harry to spare Ray's life, he looks his murderous boss in his eye, and calmly begins to call him a cunt, and his kids cunts. He calls him a cunt seven times in total. Calling someone the c-word is still unacceptable 99.999% of the time. And that .001% belongs to In Bruges. —Frantz Rocher