Movie: Heavyweights
Who does the sonning? Tony Perkis (Ben Stiller)
Who gets sonned? All of Camp Hope
Context: Heavyweights shouldn't exist. It's a Disney movie with a quasi-uplifting message about self acceptance set at a fat camp, with a script co-written by Judd Apatow. It features Ben Stiller's best comedic performance. There are moments of strange dubbing, where it looks like dialogue was altered. It's a shaggier, beautiful comedy that knows no bounds. Especially when it comes to bullying and sonning.

As Tony Perkis, the crazed fitness guru and new owner of the aforementioned fat camp, Ben Stiller leaves no explosive gesture in his gym bag. During the big weigh in that will mark the incredible, infomercial-baiting progress of the campers, something goes wrong. The kids are getting fatter. When the third camper steps to the scale and the numbers to wobbling, Perkis dismisses him and by proxy the entire camp with a snippy "Get off the scale." They have failed, and it's up to dear old Uncle Tony to teach them a severe lesson. The emasculation has just begun. Ross Scarano