The new Apple MacBook Pros were unveiled this week, and Apple boasted about the new hardware achievements they reached with the devices. But the great designs come with some bad news for customers if they when they break down.

Miroslav Djuric from iFixit took apart a new 15'' MacBook Pro, and discovered that the body was pretty similar to the 2012 design, except for a few changes that will make it very difficult for you, or someone experienced, to fix your MacBook the day it starts breaking down. The headphone jack is now connected to the logic board, so if that connector fails, Djuric estimates that it could cost upwards of $1,000 to fix. Also, the battery isn't replaceable, and is attached to the body with "excessive" adhesive, so it won't be a fun time trying to replace that thing (remember to unplug it when ever you can to let it drain, because keeping it plugged in at 100 percent all the time kills it fast.) Djuric also noted that both the 15'' and 13'' inch models have their entire display assemblies fused together, so replacing it will cost you an arm and a leg. RAM, SSD, and the battery aren't designed to be user replaceable, so just know that going in to the Apple Store if you're planning to pick one up. For instance, I have a 2009 13'' MacBook Pro, and I upgraded its RAM from 2GB to 8GB, and its storage from a little more than 120GB to 1TB—all by myself, which saves a ton of money from installation. This won't be entirely the case anymore with these new models.

[via iFixIt]