For the second time in just under two months, Apple is going to take over the digital airwaves once again. From an event in San Francisco, the company is set to take the wraps off of two new iPad models, and, perhaps, a new Mac. The iPads are rumored to be the Retina iPad Mini, which rumors have claimed will come with the new TouchID fingerprint technology that comes with iPhone 5S, and will be available in the colors as well (gold, white and black.) The new edition of the original iPad, the iPad 5, is said to be slimmer and more lightweight. It, too, could come with TouchID. Rumors so far haven't been able to touch upon how much these new models will cost, but a report from the Wall Street Journal yesterday had them listed simply as "more." One of the zero hour rumors that made its way in yesterday was that the iPad 5 may get a keyboard cover similar to Microsoft's Surface tablet.

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