Andrea Sanderlin, better known as the "Scarsdale Pot Mommy," has pleaded guilty to being the brains behind a multi-million dollar marijuana grow operation. Aside from the obvious, Sanderlin earned the nickname because her criminal exploits mirror those of Nancy Botwin  on Weeds

Apperaing in Brooklyn Federal Court on Monday, Sanderlin said that her crimes took place from 2009 right up to her June arrest"I operated a facility in which I, together with others, grew at least 1,000 marijuana plants and sold the marijuana product from the plants," she told the court. 

Sanderlin also told the judge that she understood she was pleading guilty to a charge that carried a minimum sentence of 10-years and a maximum of life in prison. However, there's an exception to mandatory minimum sentences called the "safety valve," which could be invoked depending on the defendant's criminal history. Basically, if Sanderlin doesn't have a violent past and is willing to cooperate with prosecutors, she can save her ass.

The New York Daily News says that Sanderlin is free on $500,000 bail and currently residing in Manhattan with her mother.

[via New York Daily News]