Metacritic: 81

What a massive, massive fucking disappointed Perfect Dark Zero was. But in retrospect it should have come as no surprise.

Betcha Microsoft thought it had scored big time when it purchased Rare, which previously had developed exclusively for Nintendo platforms, but sadly for gamers that was not the case. Zero had the initial advantage of being a launch title for the Xbox 360, but once that wow-ness wore off we were left with a complete dud.

The AI was crap, the graphics made every character model look like it had been dowsed in baby oil, and there were no aliens to be seen anywhere. After the ingenious campiness of the original's story, in which an alien named Elvis helps Jo save the world from some other aliens, this was a massive disappointment. It also tried to turn the formerly sensible protagonist into a weird, highlighted-hair seductress.

It's probably been long enough for a reboot at this point, but here's hoping the mediocre HD Xbox 360 port of Perfect Dark is the last we hear from the franchise.