This summer, what everyone has pretty much assumed for years was finally confirmed: the government has been spying on your cell phone conversations and Internet activity for years. This was all exposed in a story on The Guardian by a frustrated ex-contractor for the NSA named Edward Snowden, who revealed all of the organization's surveillance secrets.

While Snowden has turned into a folk hero, the Obama administration has taken on a villainous visage, similar to that of a post-Watergate Nixon regime. While some point to the program as a necessary tool in the war on terror, others see it as an Orwellian invasion of our basic civil liberties. We’re still not entirely sure how spying on us while we browse the net for grumpy cat memes or as we bitch anonymously about Ben Affleck being cast as Batman on message boards is going to be the key to protecting us from terrorism.

These NSA revelations haven’t sat well with the American people, nor should they. However, we would be naive to claim that we never thought this was a possibility. Our advice? If you really want to make sure the NSA will stop spying on you, just keep Tonya Harding’s sex tape playing on a loop whenever you’re browsing. The NSA will never look over your shoulder again.