Has any movie generated more inexplicable hype than SyFy’s Sharknado? As the name suggests, this made-for-TV campfest focuses on a mega waterspout tornado that sucks up dozens of sharks and launches them at Los Angeles with comedic results. Despite the ridiculous premise and the mere presence of Tara Reid, Sharknado produced more social media activity than "The Red Wedding" episode of Game of Thrones during its initial airing. That's no small feat. 

Sure the special effects never rise above the level of a Sega Dreamcast game, but SyFy caught lightning in a bottle here and proved that the digital generation consumes irony in massive quantities. It’s rare for a movie to become a cult sensation right when it premieres, but Sharknado’s allure likely isn’t meant to be comprehended by us mortals.

With a sequel in the works, it seems like this phenomenon won't be going anywhere any time soon. We can already foresee having to explain to our kids what Sharknado is decades from now as we drive past sold-out showings of Sharknado VI: The Return of Tiger-tsunami.