One of the most surprising announcements to come out of the Sony’s pre-Tokyo Game Show press conference was the unveiling of the PS Vita TV, a set-top box device that (somehow) plays Vita, PSP and PS One games on your television. (This is on top of offering some sort of cross-platform functionality with PS4 and offering the usual spate of streaming services.)

Anyone who has any interest in the indie-friendly Vita, not to mention the PlayStation brand in general, should arguably be excited about this would-be Apple TV killer for videogame fans, but don’t start spraying the champagne around just yet.

The device is currently only slated for launch in Asia, according to SCEI president Andrew House in a recent interview with Tech On.

While House said the Vita TV wasn’t coming to North America or Europe for the time being, those last four words keep its fate for the rest of the world in suspension (as compared to one of those “indefinite future” death knell sentences).

Sony Computer Entertainment’s worldwide president Shuhei Yoshida also later tweeted that Vita TV would be launching in Japan first, making the possibility of a Western release a possibility (likely depending on the device’s sales).

Given Sony’s newfound muscle both for indies and making PlayStation somewhat synonymous with innovation, unless the Vita TV is a Wii U-sized failure in Asia, I’d almost bet that it’ll be released in other territories at a later date. Would you be interested in a Vita TV device if it were available in the states? Drop your opinion in the comments.

Via Tech On