Last week, the University of Alabama's student newspaper, the Crimson White, revealed that at least four sororitiesAlpha Gamma Delta,Chi Omega, Pi Beta Phi and Tri Deltawhere refusing bids to two qualified African-American women who had already been identified by current sorority members as strong and deserving candidates.

In the wake of terrible press, school administration struck a deal to tear down this wall of racial inequality. Women not allowed admission during the normal recruitment period will be given bids by the sororities. This will finally allow the sororities to accept the two women who were previously turned away. 

However, is it even worth it for these two women at this point? Do they really want to be a part of organizations who were allegedly shunning them at the wishes of racist alumnae bent on keeping their disgusting traditions in place? This all just seems too much like a move to control a public relations nightmare. It's essentially placing a Band-Aid on a bullet wound.

Faculty members seem to agree.

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