"Blurred Lines," the runaway hit of the summer, either pisses people off or activates something inside of them that just makes them want to destroy. Forty-year-old Steven Grady Fillingim was arrested in Florida for beating a child with a 30-inch metal switch to the sounds of Robin Thicke's infectious, possibly-rapey hit. 

Don't worry, though: the child that Fillingim beat was described as a "relative." At least, that's how he justifies beating the girl, who also claims that he hit her in the face and hands with a belt, and making her perform other tasks like 90 minutes of shoveling dirt before bed and holding weights as a punishment for being lazy.

The "Blurred Lines" incident came after the girl was caught skipping school. Fillingim reportedly hit her on the back of the thighs for 40 minutes while the song played, each hit coming in tune with the beat like a metronome. If that's not demented enough, he began to record the beating, sending it to his girlfriend via text message. Horrified, Lisa Coleman turned the video over to authorities and says she has broken up with him.

Fillingim was charged with three counts of cruelty towards a child and is currently in custody. The girl has been turned over to her mother, where she belongs. 

[via Gawker]

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