Sophia Chang’s day starts early and never lets up. First thing in the morning, she is out of bed, walking her dog, checking emails, reviewing her calendar...and that’s all before she starts her official work day.

For someone so busy, there is no device more useful than the Lenovo Yoga. “As a graphic designer, I really love the flexibility of the Lenovo Yoga,” Sophia says. “I love how compact it is, how light it is. I can just take it on the go, and it’s a fully functioning laptop.”

But even workaholics like Sophia need to take the occasional break now and then. That’s where the Yoga’s many app options—like Netflix, Amazon, Dropbox, and more—come in handy, and one of Sophia’s favorite features is that the Yoga’s touchscreen lets her swap between all of them with incredible ease. “It’s exactly what I need,” Sophia says. “It basically goes wherever I go.” From where we’re sitting, that’s going to be a lot of places.

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