Samsing has some new gold phones it wants you to know about. But, they also want you to know about the ones they had before, and more importantly, the ones they had before the iPhone 5S. In a new blog post titled "‘Golden’ History of Samsung Phones," Samsung assembled a photo gallery of gold phones to remind readers, ever so subtly, that they had gold phones before gold iPhones were cool.

"By now you probably know that aliens work with Samsung, well so do some kings – Midas, to name one," the post begins. "About a month ago on August 27th, Samsung launched the GALAXY S4 Gold edition in the United Arab Emirates (These were available in stores starting September 8th). It’s since also been released in Kuwait and Qatar."

Catch the emphasis on the line 'These were available in stores starting Septmeber 8th'? Now link that back to this tweet from Samsung:

Samsung has been all about getting things out before anyone else recently, and this post and tweet seem to be all about letting people know they had their gold out before Apple did on September 10th. Don't forget, Samsung recently unveiled the Galaxy Gear smartwatch, which is largely seen as a rushed attempt to get a smartphone out before Apple.

"Everybody loves gold, which is why we sometimes make phones in that color. (Or sometimes even with actual gold for the body!)" the blog post continues. "See below to check out some of the phones we’ve released in gold in the past (just off the top of my head)."

Off the top of my head.


If you would like to see Samsung's gallery of the eight gold phones in the rest of their blog post, go here. Or, you know, you could go look at iPhone 5S's on eBay that are going for $1,000.

[via Mashable]