Yesterday was the massive launch of Rockstar Games most notorious title, Grand Theft Auto V.

As expected there were some bugs and glitches, most notably with the Social Club and a new feature to GTA, the iFruit companion app. But not to worry, help is on the way.

Rockstar announced today on its support site that it is aware of the problems and is currently working on a patch to resolve the issue. Problems with the app include not being able to link accounts, stats not syncing properly, and content not loading correctly. 

Social Club is a feature that's been around for years in previous Grand Theft Auto games, but the iFruit app was released earlier this as a new aspect. The app allows players to train and take care of their dog Chop, customize vehicles and throw on those novelty plates you've always wanted. 

Based on the relatively quick response by Rockstar's support team, the issue should be resolved rather quickly. Check back for updates and let us know if you've been experiencing this or any other problems while playing GTA V.

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[via Joystiq]