15 Life Lessons Young Adults Could Learn From "Rocko's Modern Life" Image via Nickelodeon Productions

Consumerism Is One Hell of a Drug

Episode(s): "Who Gives A Buck" (Season 1, Episode 1)
Air date: 9/18/1993

To consume is a powerful social and economic command that can really mess up your life. Rocko can vouch this; in this episode he receives a Conglom-O credit card in the mail, goes to the mall and practically buys everything there. Of course he has to return it all because he can't afford to pay Conglom-O (Heffer kindly repurchases a fire hydrant that Rocko bought for Spunky), but through Rocko's frivolous spending we learn two things. One, credit cards are essentially the devil; and two, consumerism can be a debilitating addiction if you don't know how to control your spending. Thanks for the heads up, Rocko.

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