Here's a little more silver lining to make you feel better about the fact that AMC will be splitting the final season of Mad Men in two next year: According to Variety, in addition to adding an extra episode to the season, the network has enlisted legendary, Academy Award-winning writer Robert Towne to join the writing staff for season seven.

Towne will be serving as a consulting producer for the series, and will presumably be sticking around for both parts one and two of season seven. If you're not familiar—Towne won an Oscar in 1975 for writing Chinatown, then he was nominated for an Oscar in 1974 for The Last Detail, in 1975 for Shampoo, and in 1984 for Greystoke: the Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes. Basically, he's a legend. Some of Towne's more recent credits include Mission Impossible and Mission Impossible II

Consisting of fourteen episodes total, Mad Men's seventh season part one will air in spring 2014, and part two will begin airing in spring 2015.

[via Variety]