If you consider yourself a big enough fan of Madden, Battlefield or FIFA to buy them day one for your console of choice (and then subsequently want the next-gen version on whatever your 8th gen hardware pick is), EA is working with retailers to let you do so on the cheap.

According to Chief Operating Officer Peter Moore, you’ll be able to pick up any of those games for current-gen consoles and upgrade to the PS4 or Xbox One version for as little as $10 when the next-gen versions hit stores.

It’s not entirely clear how this is going to be handled yet – there are rumors that first-run copies of the current-gen Madden, FIFA and Battlefield will come with download codes, something retailers could do easily enough even if they weren’t packaged in the box.

It’s almost a given that these upgrade versions will be digital-only, but still, that’s a good price for what would one imagines would be a continuation of a purchase you already started unlocking things in a month ago. Not a bad deal for Consumerists two-time consecutively voted Most Evil Company in America, huh?

Via EA