We all need help to make our dreams come true. As much as those who've already "made it" like to think they did it all on their own, the truth is, we all need a little support, a little lift, a certain game changer.

Well, Simple Mobile wants to give you yours, in the third installment of its Change Your Game series. The first two chapters saw host Levi Maestro giving street artist PUSH and skateboarder Blake Johnson the help they needed to raise their respective games to the next level. Now, Levi and Simple are back again, and looking for artists, musicians, athletes, entrepreneurs, filmmakers, creators—really anyone who has a vision of how to change his or her life.

What is your passion? How can Simple help you achieve it? Click here now to record a 30 second video discussing how they can help you raise your own game. Simple will review all entries, and then, who knows? Maybe you'll be the lucky one chosen to get the help you need.

What's more, every week, Simple will be giving away a new tablet or smartphone to one lucky winner. All you need to do is a record a 30 second video and you're automatically entered. But don't wait—the contest ends October 27th. So head on over to changeyourgame.com/change-your-game for your chance to win some dope prizes, and maybe—just maybe—make that big dream come true.