A subscription service for book lovers has finally made its way into the mobile ecosphere. Pitching itself as the “Netflix for books,” Oyster offers unlimited, all-you-can-read access to its catalogue for just under $10 per month. You might call that a good deal.

“We’re building Oyster as an end-to-end product created specifically for mobile. Everything from recommendations to the in-book experience allows you to easily reach for books at moments of impulse throughout your day,” promise its founders. 

So far, Oyster is only available as an iPhone app and currently requires an invite, though iPad and Android versions and a public release are said to be on the way. The subscription service boasts a library of 100,000 books, including titles from major publishers such as HarperCollins and Melville House. The folks at Oyster say they’re working on convincing more publishers to sign on, an essential but certainly daunting task, given the messy landscape of the eBook industry.

Similar to Netflix, Oyster uses an algorithm based on users’ preferences to recommend books in categories like sports, business, and romance. And, like any self-respecting app in 2013, it integrates a social stream that lets you share what you’re reading and keep track of the latest books your friends are into.

Head over to Oyster’s website to join the waiting list and decide for yourself whether it measures up to its big claims.

 [via Ars Technica]