Yes, the Wii U has been loudly languishing at retail, with Nintendo’s current-gen hardware only selling roughly 156,000 units between April and June. A big part of that backlash arguably came from a dearth of noteworthy worthwhile launch “window” games to play on the system.

The most notable absence has been from Nintendo itself, with the company leaving a gaping hole where their first-party muscle, the biggest announced of which was Pikmin 3, should have been. Since the game dropped last month it’s only sold 115,000 copies, combined physical and digital sales, in the US, according to Nintendo’s sales numbers.

They did not disclose how the game fared in Japan, but considering the abysmal Wii U in Nintendo’s native country, it wouldn’t come as a surprise to learn they may also be terrible. While Pikmin 3 (and the Wii U in general) could get a slight bump over the next few months – the console is getting a $50 price cut in the wake of other first-party releases like Zelda’s HD Wind Waker redux and Super Mario 3D World – things seem less than rosy for the console, at least for now.

Via Gamespot