'Merica, land of the free, home of the brave, creator of some of the most outrageous laws still on the books. These laws are so outrageous they make us want to flee the country and head up north. Just kidding! We're not that desperate. But, they do remind us that even though this is the greatest nation in the world, it's not without its flaws.

Society needs laws. They keep us in check, most of the time. But some are just bullshit, beholden to conservative, antiquated thinking. The nation is changing and these laws should, too. Like we've seen with the abolition of slavery and suffrage for women. So why, then, do some laws seem like a reflection of the stone age?

Whether it be prohibiting people from owning multiple sex toys (seriously) to allowing 12-year-olds to own handguns, these bogus pieces of legislation need to go.

Especially those laws about not buying alcohol on Sundays. Sure, it's a day of rest, but what's some Sunday football without booze?

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