We hope you've been working on your 140-character pick-up lines because, according to a recent study, most new relationships are born on Twitter.

The study, conducted by European e-retailer PIXmania, revealed that the social media network is now the preferred form of communication for prospective romantic partners during the courting process, ahead of text messages and phone calls.

On average, it takes 224 tweets, 163 text messages, 70 Facebook messages, 37 emails and 30 phone calls to successfully woo a partner. That may sound like putting in work, but the study revealed courting times have shrunk dramatically in the 21st Century, thanks in large part to social media. Whereas respondents over 55 said it took 78 days to seal the deal, those under 25 said it takes just 24 days.

But, unsurprisingly, technology is a growing factor not in just the start of relationships but in their demise as well. More than one-third of people end their relationships over the phone, while 27 percent resort to texts and 13 percent depend on social media to break up with a partner. 

[via Telegraph]