Just a forewarning: This story makes absolutely no sense. But, here we go anyway: According to Page Six, a real-life Middle Eastern prince actually dropped $500,000 in cash so he could meet Twilight star Kristen Stewart. For 15 minutes. THIS HAPPENED.

The prince, who is perhaps remaining unidentified out of shame, reportedly dropped the $500,000—that is, $33,333 a minute, and roughly $555 a second—to meet the actress for about 15 minutes at Madison Square Garden in December of last year. The deal was negotiated by Harvey Weinstein, who approached Kristen himself with the opportunity: He says, when he told Kristen that the prince wanted to meet her, her first response was "how much?"

"My kind of girl," Weinstein joked.

The only good bit of this story is that the meeting did raise funds for the Hurricane Sandy relief effort, but it's not clear if all of the funds or if just a percentage of them went to charity. 

Guess he's a big Twilight fan? This is just ridiculous.

[via Page Six]