One Michigan man whose house was about to be destroyed by a demolition crew beat the systemfor the moment. The clever bastard switched his neighbor's address numbers with his own, leading the crew to destroy his neighbor's house. 

This is where it gets convoluted. Residents of the Pontiac, MI cluster say they're actually glad the other house is gone. "When I heard they tore down the house on accident I wanted to give them a twelve pack of beer," said neighbor Frank Sargent in an interview with the local ABC affiliate. Neighbors say the house that was destroyed had become the black eye of the neighborhood, thanks to neglect from owner, Mike.

The owner told WXYZ that he might ask the city to give him another house because he planned to rent the now-destroyed home out this fall. As for the man who thought he beat the system, well, the demolition crew came back a few hours later and knocked his house down as well. He won the battle, but lost the war.

[via Gawker]