Victoria Johnson, refreshingly modern but not out of place and played to perfection by Lizzy Caplan—she's the best thing on screen in Masters of Sex. Johnson represents the life and the hope of the show. She is the embodiment of the sexual revolution.

In the first episode, it becomes clear: she's got everything Masters is trying to understand. She's compassionate and empathetic toward people (see: Libby Masters), yet clear-headed enough to let a one-night stand be what is it is. What's more, she's divorced and single, but also a financially successful mother who intellectually powers her way into becoming Masters' research partner. Essentially, what makes Victoria Johnson such a captivating character is that she's an enemy of the past yet a heroine of the future. But because of Caplan, she doesn't become a didactic symbol. Instead, she's a person. —Tara Aquino